About BeautyActions.com

BeautyActions.com is a web site managed by CodeAgents LLC and moderated and contributed by several authors, created by his owner Gustavo Mayoral. Its aim is to publish content, tools, reviews and anything relevant to the photographic production and post-production of portrait and retouching industry.

About Gustavo Mayoral

Gustavo Mayoral is an artist that publishes articles in this site BeautyActions.com and others venues like social media, lectures and workshops. He has been a photographer and photo editor for a number of years. He is particular on obtaining the highest level of production and editing quality trough the research, use and developing of new tools and techniques in the industry. Gustavo is also top level programmer (software engineer) and uses his expertise to develop tools to aid in the creation of his art.

Gustavo lives and works in San Diego California USA,

He can be contacted by email Gustavo [at] BeautyActions.com

Or by mail at

4630 Border Village Dr Unit A
San Ysidro CA 92173